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Aplus is an all-purpose editing service that proofreads written documents, including but not limited to, book reviews, research papers, and dissertations for typos, grammar mistakes (spelling, punctuation, capitalization), format (margins, spacing, page numbers, footnotes, bibliographic entries), style and clarity of writing (cohesion, concision, coherence, elegance), theological accuracy, or any other item(s) agreed upon by the student. In addition, Aplus provides personal consulting services, including but not limited to, research advice, help with how to begin writing a research paper, help with using MS Word and Pages word processing software, and help with navigating Turabian and APA format guidelines and, finally, Aplus will provide delivery services, including printing of documents and delivery of documents.
Aplus strives to offer a value-driven, personalized service. To this end, we believe that no two students are alike; each student has his or her own unique goals and needs. Upon submitting their paper, students will be contacted by an Aplus member who will assess their needs and then talk them through the available options. For those not interested in the Professional Doctoral Studies package options, Aplus has per page rate pricing options based on turn-around time. The cost for a standard turn-around time (1 week or more) is $10.95/page; all rushed deliveries (less than 1 week) are charged an additional $2.50/page. A “page” includes any written, double-spaced document that has typed lines of any kind. If a student's paper requires further editing that does not consist of editing each page, the edits will be charged at the hourly rate current at the time of the services, which is presently set at $75/hour. An initial deposit of 50% of the approximate, total cost is required for chapters or papers that are more than 50 pages in length. The cost to consult privately with an Aplus member is $75/hour. Discounts are available to those who refer Aplus to another student, who in turn has his or her paper(s) edited by Aplus.
The student will pay a deposit equal to 50% of the approximate, total fee before the work is begun for papers that are 50 pages or more in length. The remaining balance will be due promptly upon completion. The final payment for each writing project shall be due 30 days from the date that Aplus completes its work. Aplus will charge interest at the rate of 1% per month for all amounts that are past due. By entering this agreement, the student expressly permits Aplus to notify the school and pursue collection of any amounts over 30 days past due through the disciplinary process outlined in the current handbook of the university or seminary. The student will receive an invoice via e-mail detailing the work done and a breakdown of the cost following completion. Aplus accepts all major credit cards. All checks should be made out to “Aplus Edits” and sent to the following address: 1210 Garvin Place Louisville, KY 40203.
All manuscripts submitted for editing must be provided in the most up-to-date versions of MS Word, Pages, or similar workable formats. If not up-to-date, Aplus cannot guarantee a clean copy as changes sometimes occur in the transfer of files. If preferred, hard copies of the manuscripts are also acceptable, but they must be printed out by the student. Students must provide either the hard copy or digital copy of the manuscript in a timely manner, which shall be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Subject to the above, all work will be completed by Aplus within the time agreed upon by the parties.
Yes. Aplus strives to provide an exceptional product. The majority of students who have used the services of Aplus have acknowledged vast improvements in their writing samples and have received higher grades. Nonetheless, Aplus cannot guarantee results nor can it promise a perfect product. If you are not satisfied with the edits provided and do not submit the edited paper or a similar version for grading, no other payment beyond the deposit will be required. Submission of the paper will be deemed acceptance of the work provided by Aplus.
Papers are edited by the Aplus team of editors. However, Chris oversees each paper for quality assurance before it is returned to the student.
If a student is not satisfied with the initial edits, he or she can request a re-edit at no cost. If, however, the document is submitted and the student is asked to have his or her document amended, any additional cost for a re-edit of the document will depend on the amount and type of edits needed. If the edits are deemed extensive enough, the cost to re-edit the document will be the hourly editing rate, which is currently set at $75/hr.
Yes, one-time fee options are available for professional doctoral studies and Ed.D. thesis-writing students only. They are as follows: (1) The Formatting Package (formatting of margins, spacing, page numbers, citations, front and back matter, etc., with no reading of the content) for $1000 with a $500 deposit and (2) The Editing Package (formatting, content editing, including editing of grammar, clarity, style, typos, argumentation, etc., and all re-edits) for $2000 with a $1000 deposit. All package option prices assume a reasonable time allowed for editing of chapters before they are due. Aplus will print and submit any document(s) for an additional fee of $.10/page.